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'I started my coaching with 'normal' volleyball and had never really worked with disabled people.  But after the USSR split, volleyball as a game was not very successful and at that time I was very lucky as in November 1995 I was proposed to be the coach for the women’s sitting volleyball national team.  


Initially I found it very different as the players were obviously disabled and had some different requirements to what I was used too, especially psychologically.


Well a performance coach never tells his secrets, but there is only one bit of advice I would give to any new teachers or coaches, to make it work you need to love this sport and know the theory behind the game.  If you work hard, you will get results - but it all depends what you do in the training hall.


After finishing 5th in Athens and Beijing, it was great to win the Bronze Medal in London. It was like a dream come true after so many years of trying.'