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VIKTOR DIAKOV (RUS)                                             RUSSIA MEN COACH


‘Interest in Sitting Volleyball came to me when I was the head of the nursery volleyball school called Uralochka. I took part in the first school and then also when the Olympic reserve School Sitting Volleyball Educational Department was opened.


In 1998 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, Rodnik men's sitting volleyball team was created at the sports club of the disabled.  This later became the basis for the formation of a national team for sitting volleyball.  All players of the current composition are my students and disciples.  


It all began modestly and existed largely only on enthusiasm.  But we always put before themselves the global aims. From year to year the team has grown, developed and gradually began to be more victorious, which helped us to gain experience and achieve success on the international arena.


We have had some success and medals, but among them the special place occupied by the bronze medals in the Paralympic games in Beijing 2008 is my favourite.  While in London we failed to win a medal, we learned a lesson during this defeat and now prepare for the Paralympic games in Rio 2016.


For me sitting volleyball is more than just a sport, it is an opportunity to open a new world for those, who by the will of fate became disabled, but want to get involved in sport and live their life.’

Viktor 2