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SIMON BOZIC (SLO)                                    SLOVENIA WOMEN COACH

'I started with the Slovenian Sitting Volleyball team 3 years ago, when the previous head coach (Adi Urnaut – shown left in the photo) invited me to join him and work with sitting volleyball.


Before that I was a volleyball player, and then a coach in Volleyball for many years.  As well as coaching the Slovenian National Team in sitting volleyball I also still coach at a women’s volleyball club that finished 4th in National competition this year.


For me, the biggest difference is the number of players available to me as the coach, which means that the competition within the team to be selected isn't enough.  In Slovenia we only have 4 clubs, with about 15 disabled women among them which isn’t enough.


My advice to anyone would be to approach the training with the same attitude as with volleyball…and seek out the differences.  This and of course do a lot of training if you wish to be successful!  


To begin with I thought that disabled people needed something special, but they don't really, they are normal sports people.'