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'I started with Sitting Volleyball after 20 years as coach of the German Volleyball Women's National Team.  I was 60 years old and was looking to end my career - but, a therapist persuaded me to experience sitting volleyball "live" first!  I was instantly fascinated with the coordination and athletic performances these players were delivering.  With great astonishment I have witnessed that the same level of technical and tactical proficiency as I have seen for many years on the field, as 'regular' volleyball - only in much less time and space!


The most important thing when training athletes with a disability, is knowledge of the nature of their disability.  As to get every player to their optimal technical level, you need to firstly establish each individuals preferred seating position, and mobility skills!  


You can do (almost) all methodicl forms of training, all exercises and complex tactical operations with the players, as with volleyball!  You just have to be methodically prepared to differentiate these processes so that they can be modified according to the particular disabilities.


There is only one area of the game that is significantly more dominant, and that is 'volleying,' whether in the reception, defence or setting up an attack.  When you start your career in coaching disabled individuals, make sure you are well prepared with both your technical & tactical training and ability!'