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ROBERT GRYLAK (GER)                                      BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN

In 1977 I had an accident with a fork-lift truck and that is how I came in touch with adapted sports.  I first got involved in Sitting Volleyball in 1989 when TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen asked me to swich sports from ‘Sitzball’ which I had played from 1978 on, to Sitting Volleyball.


What motivates me is to give younger people the opportunity to grow in the sport and in the end give them - or create - the opportunity to qualify for major events such as the Paralympic Games.


In 10 years time I see sitting volleyball as a very strong sport in Eastern Europe. World-wide I think a great development will be visible, but I also think that Western Europe has to be carefull not to fall behind.


I find Sitting Volleyball a game that fascinates anyone and everyone from the very first moment.


My advice would be to consider all adapted sports, not only Sitting Volleyball, as each once can give the chance for people to attain respect for themselves and to develop as humans.

Robert Grylak