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MANA ABDELMJID (MOR)                                 MOROCCO MEN COACH

'Mr Mana is a national volleyball coach in Morocco and found out about sitting volleyball on television in 1984.  The sport caught his attention and he decided to start a team with able-bodies players.  Then he targeted disabled players (predominantly polio sufferers and amputees).


Two clubs were set up in the Rabat area and then in Casablanca.  There are now in total 8 sitting volleyball clubs in Morocco and these take part in the national championship and the national cup.


Mr Mana is the first sitting volleyball coach in Morocco with a level III coaching diploma and got the Moroccan national team to their first international competition in Libya in 2000.  The team went on to play in the 2010 World Championships in Oklahoma where they finished 14th out of 21 teams.  They took part in the London 2012 Paralympic Games where they finished 10th.  The team also took part in the 2014 World Championships in Elblag, Poland.


Mr Mana thinks that the best way to develop sitting volleyball is to train standing volleyball coaches and to educate them in a sitting volleyball environment. The same thing should be done for able-bodies players and get them to discover the sport alongside disabled players.'