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KHEFIF ABDELKADER (ALG)                              ALGERIA HEAD COACH

'The origin of sitting volleyball in Algeria comes from Oran during a beach volleyball tournament when the vice president of the Disabled Sport Federation of Algeria decided to adapt some volleyball specific drills to suit sitting volleyball.


There was then a competition with two or three teams in 2002 during the Alger Cup but nothing really happened until 2008 when the national team was set up and took part in the 2010 African Championship.  After that, there was not much activity and the team was resurrected in early 2014 in order to prepare and qualify for the 2014 World Championships in Elblag.


The national championship is currently made up of 8 teams, most of which come from the Oran region, strangely enough there are no teams in the Alger region.


The main problem is the cost of travel due to Algeria being a very big country, that limits the number of competitions that can take place.


Additionally there is very little information on the sport, there is no website or specific exercises available specifically for sitting volleyball in our country yet.'

Khefif Abdelkader