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'I have been playing and coaching sitting volleyball for over the 50 years now!  It all started when I finished my education and Rajko Vute asked me to return as a sitting volleyball and swimming coach.  


At that time there was no support for sitting volleyball coaches, so I went to local volleyball clubs to look there and talk to standing volleyball coaches.  I find it really important to get different ideas.  


In that 50 years I have played for three different national teams (Yugoslavia, Slovenia and the Netherlands), so I have got a lot of ideas from there.


I think if players have fun, they will keep coming back to training.  This is especially important with young players, but also if you start with sport after becoming disabled.  In my eyes, it is very imported that exercises are not too difficult, players need to feel successful at what they are doing.  


Another thing is when they are ready to play a game, this happens on an equal level.  For this I think, adapted rules (a smaller court or a lighter ball) are very good to help with this.'