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JOUKE DE HAAN (NED)                                            WOVD INSTRUCTOR

‘Being a teacher Physical Education since 1970, I have been working for a long time to shape volleyball as a part of the program in my school and local area. My background was playing club volleyball and time after time I felt that volleyball delivered at high school level was (too) difficult and not ‘attractive’ enough. So I produced a document that expressed three key elements titled: BPS – Bewegen, Plezier en Spelgericht – translated in English as: Moving, Fun and Gamelike.


The results of this attempt, especially with juniors, was very positive and it drew the attention of somebody from the field of handicapped sport, who then asked me to be a trainer coach in sitting volleyball as well. I have always liked to be challenged and this decision more than any other brought me to where I am now. My experiences in Sitting Volleyball pushed me to publish my book, titled Sitting Volleyball. The experience on high school level and my international experience in training and coaching has also given me the opportunity to perform clinics all over the world.


My advice to someone who is just starting to deliver Sitting Volleyball would be to make sure you show the “audience” what a wonderful sport we are offering. Try not to promote sitting volleyball as a disabled/handicapped sport, instead promote it as one that ‘opens up doors’ for everyone who likes to play volleyball, including those with sport injuries or a disability. Also, be creative in finding the right exercises that allow players to have the right ball contact in movement and techniques.


Remember: the players are the starting point to improve both the individual and the teams level. So make sure you play a lot of matches, tournaments and game like exercises and last but not least, do not hesitate to ask for help from experienced coaches!


Good luck and go for it!’