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IAN HALLIDAY (CAN)                                              CANADA MEN COACH

'I was approached to coach sitting volleyball in Canada after coaching for a number of years with the Alberta Provincial Team program and the University of Calgary Men's Volleyball team. When first asked, I initially said no. I had no background in coaching this discipline of the sport and had actually never seen it played. Luckily, the Volleyball Canada High Performance Director for Sitting approached again to coach the team and after researching the sport more, I said yes.


Since that time, it has been a steep learning curve, but the one thing that I keep reminding myself is that it is still volleyball and many of the techniques and tactics are the same. I have also been fortunate to receive advice from some great international coaches in sitting volleyball, especially Bill Hamiter from the USA.


My biggest piece of advice for new coaches is not to be afraid of being creative in your delivery and execution of technical and tactical elements of the game. With the variability in the types of injuries and disabilities with your athletes, you need to be flexible to adapt elements of the game to play into your strengths and limit your weaknesses. Coming from the able-bodied game in Canada, we often have the idea that all skills and tactics need to be performed the same way but with sitting, you want to put the athletes and the team in the best situation to be successful.'