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I first got in contact with Sitting Volleyball in 2001 during a clinic at my work. That was the first time I met Joze Banfi. I watched many matches during the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Paralympic Games. After watching these as a spectator, I now have a dream to get to one as a Sitting Volleyball coach, as it is such an amazing event and experience for all concerned.


With my background as a volleyball player in one of the top leagues, and my job as a sporttherapist at the rehabilitation center in Utrecht, Joze Banfi asked me many times if there was anything I could do for the sport. Then in March of 2013 I decided to start my role as the assistant coach of the Dutch men's team and immediately stopped playing volleyball myself. In August, after Joze Banfi past away, I was then asked to be the head coach of the Dutch men's team. I accepted the challenge and I am loving every bit of it.


As a coach, I find it important to listen to the players; know how they like to learn, how they think, how they see themselves within the sport, and what they need to improve themselves to be able to preform at the highest possible level. But also to see what they are able to do within their disabilities.


We have a big staff and I am extremely proud of what we have done in the past two years, all areas of the game.


Sitting Volleyball is a different variation of the sport to the standing equivalent, and I would encourage every standing player to try this exiting and dynamic sport at least once.


...This is how I have started to love Sitting Volleyball!'


Follow Hans on Twitter here: @HansMater1

Hans Matter