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GORDON NEALE OBE (GBR)                            

'I started in 1984 after answering an advert for a coach in the English Volleyball Magazine, whilst I was coaching the Army teams, including a young Kelly Holmes!  Little did I know then it would lead to coaching the Great Britain Mens Team to the verge of attending the 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games!


Some of the perceived barriers that any new coach faces are:  fear, classification and finance.  There seems to commonly be an unnecessary fear around first getting involved in disability sports coaching, but my concept has always been the same; look at each participant individually, and mutually work out what their strengths are and how that can contribute towards the team, whilst considering their disability.  


There is also a fear that disability sports are expensive to facilitate, however this is not the case with sitting volleyball as all you need are a floor, a divide, an appropriate ball and a range of ideas - which of course VolleySLIDE can provide.'