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GABOR CSIKOS (HUN)                             (HUNGARY WOMEN COACH)

‘My first encounter with sitting volleyball happened in 2003, after my volleyball carrier had finished as a professional player for 15 years. My friend, who was our team masseur, had had his leg amputated due to an illness, introduced to me to this game.


I become happily involved and tried it, thinking that this is volleyball, only that it is played sitting instead of standing. The very next year we had established our team, with the contribution of a few volleyball lovers and a few enthusiastic persons with disability, and I become the coach for this new club team, named Csakazért SE.


It was first a bit strange to adapt the volleyball tactics to the sitting playing method, but I soon came to realise that the higher the standard that we play, the better we can use the non-sitting volleyball tactic elements in our plays. For sure, we needed patience, empathy and endurance.  Since 2012 our team has a junior team section, where the 8-14 years old children with disability can learn this sport on the trainings.


In 2009 I was invited to become the co-trainer for the Hungarian national sitting volley team for man, which was a really good place to practice my knowledge even further. In 2013 I become the coach for the – few years before established – women’s national team for Hungary.


I love what I do and I have a great team, where all members are working a lot for the achievement which is the great motivation for me as well. I am grateful that I got involved with sitting volleyball as I met a lot of different people and found many good friends among them.’

Gábor Csikos