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Dr. MOSAAD ELAIUTY (EGY)                                    EGYPT MEN COACH


'I started coaching in sitting volleyball for the first time in 1997 with the club Elahorria from Port Said after a friend told me about them. I started it after being a player for many years and enjoyed many years before stopping to study for my Doctor degree.


I then came back to the team in 2004 and in this first season we win the league in Egypt. Then from 2005 I started work with the Egyptian National Team, and my personal highlights are playing definitely finishing 4th in the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, and 3rd in the WOVD World Cup in 2010.


Coach development is something that really interests me, especially as I have a new assistant coach working with me at the minute in my club. I have told him to first make sure he listens to the players as they have a good experience and knowledge. My players have definitely taught my more about the game than anyone else. Also don't think that ‘normal’ volleyball is exactly the same as sitting volleyball, they are very different.


One key difference is that in Volleyball all of the coaches say that the most important thing is 'footwork', but in sitting volleyball it is 'hand work', as you can only play the ball, if you are in in the right position to play the ball.'