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Alexander Ovsyannikov

'My way as a Sitting Volleyball coach began in 1997 when I accepted an offer to train the Moscow Men's team.  It was my first coaching experience with injured players.  Our team was amateur, but we achieved good results at the Russian Championship.


In 2004, after a break in coaching, I started to train the Women's Sitting Volleyball team. 9  years later, in 2013, my team and I became winners of the European Championship.


I really like my job because not only do I do my work in a best way but see its results and the development of players. I find it interesting to train players with both simple and complicated elements, work with new and experienced players and study tactical and strategic parts of Sitting Volleyball.


Most importantly for me is that I work with a cohesive team which is ready to achieve great results.


I used to talk differently to active people (with disability and without it) to try themselves in Sitting Volleyball.  The main thing is to overcome their own hesitancy and sit on the court with other athletes and play.  No matter whether the Sitting Volleyball will become a way to realize themselves within sport or it is just a way to spend time, it will always give plenty of positive emotions.'