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'I became acquainted with Sitting Volleyball when I studied in the Academia of Physical Education in Wroclaw (Poland) on a course that I did on volleyball for people with disabilities, standing and sitting. Immediately after, when I finished, we started a team in Wroclaw.


This was in 1997 and now, 17 years after I am the coach of the Polish national men’s team, which I started to coach in 2006. In Poland we have 9 teams playing sitting volleyball, 8 men’s teams and 1 women’s team. It is still just an amateur sport in Poland, not professional.


We don’t have a lot of money to organise our discipline but it is a great pleasure to play and to coach this fantastic game.


Sitting Volleyball is very inclusive, because we accept people with and without disabilities in our championship and 2 able bodied people can play per team. I think this is super, because I don’t know of any other sport where people with disabilities can interact competitively with able bodied people. It is also easier to have more teams if you accept the participation of people with impairments.


In our country, the new coaches need to do the courses but even after that normally people do not want to work on this sport because there is no money. This is the reason because they are not staying in disability sport. It is not popular and we do not have the resources to make it popular.'