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FOCUS ON - Pim Scherpenzeel


'A word with the Coach.'

Pete G Sitting_volleyball_team_comp_Hove_2_web

Pim is the current Head Coach of the Dutch Women's team who are targeting Rio 2016.  Read about his background and journey to Sitting Volleyball, where he talks about the importantance of identifying the differences to Volleyball and the team process...!

Click on his name to the right to read about how Pim got involved in Coaching Sitting Volleyball in the Netherlands!


Are you a Sitting Volleyball Coach?  At any level?  


If so and you would like to be included on this site, please send a picture of you coaching along with your story including why you got involved and any advice you would give to someone starting out' to [email protected]

This website forms part of the VolleySLIDE collection of materials and resources that are available online to support those delivering sitting volleyball around the world.  


Sitting Volleyball is a team sport, with plenty of technical nuances and tactical options.  The coordinator of these is both before a match and during it is the coaching team.  For Sitting Volleyball there are two coaches permitted to be courtside and their impact on proceedings cannot be under estimated, and all this after the days of training that is done away from the spot light, and the hours of preparation done behind closed doors.

Pim Scherpenzeel